Restaurant Minerbio Holiday Farm with typical Bolognese cuisine


regional products of own production

The cuisine, products, gift boxes

The raw materials used in the dishes offered to our guests are based on the seasonal produce of the land and are prepared in a simple and authentic way. The high quality products are all carefully chosen amongst those locally produced.

The attention in the choice of raw materials, supplied by local farmers and implementing Bolognese traditions are at the basis of our dishes.

Some days of the week, the holiday farm offers a typical menu with crescentine and tigelle accompanied by cold meats, fresh cheese and home-grown vegetables. The menu can be seen on Facebook.

The breakfast we offer our guests is also abundant. On the table you can find our own produce such as jam, fruit juice, seasonal fruit, and home-made cakes.

The holiday farm offers an exclusive line of home-made products such as: fruit juices (pear, apricot, peach) jam (strawberry, cherry, apricot, peach, plum), courgette and curry pâté, courgettes and capers, aromatic courgettes, tomato puree and much more. They can be purchased individually or in a personalised gift box depending on customer requirement and the celebration. The Christmas hampers are particularly appreciated where you can find our unique products in creative gift wrappings and a touch of magic evoking the classical Christmas traditions.